Offering A Variety of Services in Support of Our Community During This Unique Time

August 06, 2020


What we are doing to help:

We are dedicated to maintaining a clean facility. In addition to regular, extensive cleaning, we will be using antimicrobial disinfectants which, after applied, provide 24-hour ongoing sanitization against pathogens.
We keep our water temperature at the Health Department’s recommended levels, and our dryers
provide another line of defense against pathogens.

Furthermore, we are adhering to additional County Health Department’s health protection guidelines:

Masks are required at all times while at the laundromat.

Social distancing measures are in place, which include limiting the number of customers in the store at any given time and having customers wait in our patio or in their cars while their clothes are washing and drying. We strongly encourage customers to fold their laundry at home. Right now, the less time spent in public places, the safer everyone will be.

Maintaining clean clothes is one of the ways we can help protect ourselves and others against the spread of germs. We value the opportunity to help the community in these efforts and appreciate your continued trust as we manage through this time together.

Introducing Our Pick-Up & Delivery Service:

We understand that you and many customers may be trying to limit time away from home due to the current circumstances. For that reason, we've decided to start a contact free, pick-up and delivery service for your laundry needs.

How It Works:

You may schedule a laundry pickup right here on our website. We will send you a text shortly before we show up. At that time, you may place your bag of laundry on the porch and when we arrive, we'll knock on the door and text you, so you know we have picked up your order. When your laundry is processed and we are returning it, we will text you, knock on your door, and leave your clean laundry on your doorstep. This service takes care of your laundry chore, while also enabling you to reduce your time in public places. It is our desire that our services and facility always provide convenience and time savings to our customers and we are excited to add pick-up & delivery to our offerings.

It is our desire that each of our customers remain safe and healthy throughout this unique time.

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