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Towel Cleaning Service - One of Our Many Commercial Service Offerings

May 02, 2021

There’s nothing like using a fresh clean towel, especially if it’s soft and smells great!  Here at Sierra Madre Laundry, we know how to process towels so they come out exactly that way.  Using just the right amount of quality detergent ensures towels not only come out clean, but there is no residue remaining on the towel, which guarantees softness.


We can’t keep them warm for you once the towels come out of the dryer, but we do fold them with precision and professionally bundle and wrap them, so they are easy to transport and remain free from contamination.


Salon and spa owners tell us that it puts their customers at ease to see the towels come from sealed packages, rather than off a dusty shelf.  Gym owners find our packaging meets their storage needs perfectly.  They are especially glad that there is no extra charge for our packaging.


Let Sierra Madre Laundry process your next batch of towels and see the difference for yourself.  You can drop them off anytime between 8:00am and 8:00pm, Monday through Saturday, or we can pick them up and deliver them back to you.  So, contact us to schedule an order today!

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