Sierra Madre (2)

Laundromat in Sierra Madre, CA

When folks from Sierra Madre write home about their location, they tell of a charming village noted for its famous Wisteria Vine, Mt. Wilson Trail, and Bailey Canyon Wilderness Park. They may also mention that it is home to Sierra Madre Laundry which is the best laundromat in California according to the owner.  They can also take a drive through town and identify many filming locations such as:  200 N. Michillinda Avenue, where they’ll find Alverno Heights Academy, (formerly Alverno High School), which is the location for such films as:  The 1999 film Passport to Paris, 1994 Ed Wood, 2001 Legally Blond, 2001 The Princess Diaries, and 2017 film Lady Bird.    

When it comes time for laundry, they enjoy our newly remodeled laundromat which is clean and air conditioned. Our specialized washing machines spin out more water than most machines typically found in other laundromats, thus saving time and money on the drying process. They enjoy free wi-fi and USB charging ports during their visit. There are soap and soda vending machines as well.  The relaxing patio with a mountain view with ample seating makes for an enjoyable experience.