Clothes On Line With Amenities

Self-Service Laundromat - 24 Hour, Coin Operated and Mobile Payment in Sierra Madre, CA

Looking for a clean, comfortable laundromat that makes doing laundry fast and easy? Explore all the amenities we offer and come discover the difference at Sierra Madre Laundry!

Life Simplified.

Our beautiful air-conditioned laundry in Sierra Madre is open 24 hours, 7 days a week and is attended 12 hours a day, Monday-Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., and partially on Sundays.

We recognize that life is busy and your time is valuable.  When it comes to doing laundry, we want to make it quick and easy for you!  

How does our laundromat in Sierra Madre help you get your laundry done faster than a typical coin laundromat while providing ultimate convenience and a pleasant atmosphere?

Here’s How!

We Save You Time

New Washers - Get in and out in less than an hour! Our high speed extraction washers remove excess water during the spin cycle, so your clothes will be nearly dry coming out of the washer. This decreases the time —and money— needed for the dryer.

New Dryers - Our extra large dryers have both a reverse tumble feature that keeps clothes from getting tangled, thus reducing dry time, and a wrinkle-guard feature that minimizes wrinkles.

Pay with Credit or Debit Card - No cash? Tired of tracking quarters and making trips to the bank? No problem! Our Coin Laundry also accepts mobile payments via the Laundry Boss App. Pay quickly right at the machine with your credit or debit card using your Apple or Android phone. Use quarters or credit card, the choice is yours!

We’re Convenient and Easy

Open 24 hours, 7 days per week

Free WiFi

Bill Breaker - Don’t want lots of extra, loose change?  We have a change machine that breaks bills, so you won't end up with a large amount of excess quarters!

2 Ways to Pay - Use quarters or if you prefer, your credit / debit card with our Mobile Payment App (The Laundry Boss) - it’s up to you! 

Free Parking

Charging Stations - Battery low on your device?  Plug in and charge while you wash. 

Machines of All Sizes - From top-loaders to 6 load washers, and every size in between, we can accommodate all your loads, all at once - even those extra large comforters and blankets!

Cycle Options on Washers - Add an extra spin or extra rinse with the push of a button. Have a specialty item?  Select comforter wash, delicate cycle, or quick wash.  We also have a 1 minute tub rinse option for extra cleaning of the washer drum before or after your wash.  

Vending Machines - We have both a soap vending machine that offers a wide selection of laundry products, and a drink machine with a variety of beverages to choose from.

Great Seating - Relax inside or on our spacious patio.

Attendants -  We are available all day to help out, answer questions, and keep everything clean.

Folding Tables - Plenty of room to fold inside and on our delightful patio!

Restaurants - Numerous dining options are within walking distance of our self-service laundry

Lots of Carts


We’re Clean and Comfortable

Quiet Neighborhood in one of the 10 safest cities in California


Clean - Maintaining a clean facility for our customers is extremely important to us.  We don’t just clean once or twice a day like many laundromat locations.  Rather, we have an employee on site all day to clean on a regular schedule, and as needed.

Plenty of Seating - Relax in our large, comfortable patio.  Take a break and chat with friends, use our free wifi to access the internet, read a book, or get that work or school assignment done.

Recently Renovated - New, first-rate equipment, the latest technology, and numerous amenities.

Surveillance Cameras for Added Security

Attendant - We’re staffed all day to provide assistance.

New LED Lighting

Peaceful - We don’t blare loud music or TVs.

Recently Renovated - New, first-rate equipment, latest technology, and numerous amenities.


Retreat from the busyness of urban life and join us!  Located in a beautiful, safe neighborhood in the peaceful town of Sierra Madre, we are able to offer a unique, stress-free laundry experience.  With our fabulous patio and beautiful view of the mountains, air conditioning, and new machines, we encourage you to come experience what sets us apart at Sierra Madre Laundry!

Pay With Your Credit or Debit Card!

Introducing The Laundry Boss Mobile Payment Option!

Prefer to pay for your wash using a credit or debit card?  Get The Laundry Boss app on your smart phone and just SCAN & GO!  No more tracking prepaid laundry cards or quarters! 

(We still accept quarters, so the choice is yours!)

Learn more about our mobile payment option by watching our video on this page.