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Laundromat near Monrovia, CA

When you come from Monrovia to Sierra Madre, you can take a drive through town and locate many filming locations such as 225 N. Lima Street, the Queen Anne Victorian structure known as The Pinney House, where scenes from the 1941 film The Great Man’s Lady were shot. There have been so many other productions filmed in Sierra Madre, that you might enjoy seeing how many locations you can spot. 

The next stop will be our newly remodeled and attended laundromat which is clean and air conditioned. Our specialized washing machines spin out more water than most machines typically found in other laundromats, thus saving you time and money on the drying process.  Enjoy free wi-fi and USB charging ports during your visit. We provide soap and soda vending machines as well.  Our relaxing patio has a mountain view with ample seating. 

When you’re done with laundry, you’ll want to explore more of our historic little town.  Sierra Madre is very safe and pedestrian-oriented.  You’ll find an array of quaint shops, restaurants, and historic points of interest to round out your day.  So, make your next laundry day a fun day, and go home with clean clothes and experiences to blog about!